Dillards Clearance

Not all online shopping is created equal and Dillards is one of the few stores that is exceptional. When you go to www.dillards.com you are instantly surprised by the non-traditional advertisement that you see on the landing page. So many stores have tacky sales promotions, free shipping offers, or banner type advertisements when you land on their main page. It is like a breath of fresh air to see a high end advertisement instead.

Dillards website is also easy to navigate. With nine headings there is an option for everyone in your family. The headings include: women, juniors, shoes, handbags, accessories, lingerie, beauty, men, children, and home. Each heading has a number of sub-headings divided between top categories, top brands, and features. With so many options you can easily find what you are looking for without ever having to leave your home.

Another great thing about the Dillards Clearance website is that they feature a customer service phone number on the landing page. You will not have to go searching for a customer service phone number if you have problems because everything that you need is cleanly laid out before you. Not only is the phone number listed but the days and times are listed as well.

In addition you can view all of the featured brands on the landing page so you do not have to search through the topics and sub-headings if you are interested in seeing collections for the entire family. The page also contains a clear search box where you can easily search for anything that you are looking for.

When testing the search box I noticed that the results were clearly separated into different areas. So I did not have to look at a dress and click on it to find out if it was available in a women’s or juniors’ size. This is a great option for someone who wants to look for a look for the entire family. You can search your keyword and clearly see the styles that are available for each family member.

The shopping process is quick with a website that loads efficiently. There were no long pauses or odd moments that required me to wait while shopping at Dillards online. The pictures on the website are clear and show everything without any guesswork. You can look at the back of dresses and pants as well as seeing the front which gives you the feeling of really being able to shop at home.

As one of the most popular online shopping options, Dillards really sets themselves apart from the rest. Their high end advertising, high quality pictures, and easy navigation make it one of the best options for anyone looking to find the perfect outfit or accessory for themselves or their home. In addition to being easy to use the website has a nice variety with items in varying price points that really makes it a place where everyone can shop. Everyone really can find just what they are looking for with Dillards.

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